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"Our goal is to obtain the facts that our clients are seeking at an affordable price."

   GPS Tracking:

1. Real time tracking.

2. Anywhere in U. S.

3. Easy to install/use.

4. Any type of vehicle.

5. Small/Accurate.

6. Long battery life.

7. Only legal installs

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Private I Investigations is a full service detective agency that is based in Corpus Christi, Texas. We conduct discreet and confidential investigations on each case.

If you are looking to hire some of the most experienced investigators in Corpus Christi with a proven track record then look no further.  Private I Investigations is the only investigation company in Corpus Christi/ Nueces County that employs two investigators, that are still actively working with the Nueces County Medical Examiners Office. Their experience and training, allows us to be very detailed in determining the cause of death in suspicious deaths cases, suicide cases, homicide cases and many others death related cases.

 We have over 100 years of experience specializing in Missing Persons, Background Checks, Infidelity, GPS Tracking, Employee Theft, Retrieving Data from electronic devices such as cell phones and computers, Civil and Criminal Investigations as well as Workers' Compensation.

Our team is highly trained and extremely professional. We employ a diverse group of investigators to accommidate our needs and yours. Our team is fluent in both English and Spanish.


At the conclusion of each case our clients will receive a complete written report with photographs of our findings. We thank you for your business.

               We also work cases in San Antonio, Texas- Austin,Texas and surrounding areas.

                         Nueces County, Kleberg County,San Patricio County

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                                                         Lic. # A 18909


Ex-Homicide Investigators :

              Skilled In :

  1. Interrogations

  2. Interviewing

  3. Report Writing

  4. Surveillance

  5. Cold Cases

  8. Missing Persons

  9. Employee Theft 

  10. Suspicious Deaths

  11. Adoption Investigations